Before considering a website, it’s important to look at your branding and your brand message.

We Help Create Your Brand

The Digi Marketing Clinic is a creative design and digital marketing company and we can help bring your brand to life. We want to help you tell your story, so your image and message can attract the customers you want to see!

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WHY? I use the power of design to solve complex problems and cultivate business solutions.

We’ve been working with numerous brands within the health and wellbeing industry to bring there branding to life and incorporate it into an eye catching website. Our team boasts experts in different parts of branding and design in order to give you a complete branding service.

We discuss with you, your ideas and get to know your business at a deeper level. Our team then puts some ideas together to help come up with your business name, logo, tag line and business message.

If you have any of these already, we are also happy to help you with individual aspects of your branding

What do you receive from ss:

For New and Existing Accounts

Excellent ad copy creation

Numerous ads created to target your niche

Regular account optimisation to get the best results

Phone call tracking

Integration with your booking system

Direct bookings tracking

Tracking of habits on your website

: e.g calls, contact forms filled out

Recommendations of improving landing pages

Reporting monthly with all the data!

Like our work?

If you're struggling with your digital marketing and want a team with health and wellbeing industry experience, you have come to the right place!
We have helped many other therapists, clinics and wellness professionals boost their online presence and reach new customers.