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    Barefoot Yoga came to us to run Google Ads (PPC Campaigns) to increase new member sign ups. They were seeing a downturn in new member bookings, especially now with the added competition of more gyms offering yoga classes.

    Project Details


    Barefoot Yoga


    11th January 2024


    Google Ads

    Our Work Together

    Barefoot Yoga had previous ran some campaigns for their Yoga Teacher Training but with little success. These campaigns initially were to target people looking to sign up for an introductory membership offer.

    The Results

    We don’t want to give you the best performing month, as numbers change from month to month. Here are the campaigns details for the month of February:

    This customer had 256 new potential customers come to their landing page at a cost of £213.

    Out of these 256 potential customers, 44 went through to the booking page and 21 committed to signing up

    through the Mind Body software package.

    Barefoot Yoga

    The important part

    This worked out at £10 per customer acquired and provided a huge return on investment.

    The Yoga Centre’s customer signed up to a welcome offer of £30 for the first month, going up to £60 in month two.

    To provide true value we always ask our customers to work out how much a customer is worth to them.

    How long they usually stay for and how much they spend within that time.

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